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The Importance of Alternatives to Incarceration

At the SAW Project, we promote the sharing of successful community-based supervision practices that keep people out of jails and prisons, while still holding them accountable for misdeeds.  Research has shown that people can be effectively monitored in the community rather than be incarcerated.[1] Whether this supervision is prior to adjudication (pre-trial) or post-conviction (direct sentence/early release on probation/parole), these alternatives to incarceration are vital to sustainable corrections systems.  As

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The Post-Custody Journey: Understanding the Experiences of Women in Uganda

Introduction by Julie Truschel Worldwide, women face many obstacles unique to gender when reentering society after incarceration.  They face escalated problems with economic hardship, social support, family relationships, and employment, just to name a few.  However, in no location are these issues more apparent than in Uganda.  The following guest article is offered by Nuruh Mbalyowere, Principal Rehabilitation and Reintegration Officer at the Uganda Prisons Service.  Ms. Mbalyowere explains the

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