Supervision Around the World:

Positive change through collaboration

What is the SAW Project?

The Supervision Around the World (SAW) Project is creating a worldwide data-sharing platform designed to bring positive change to the global supervision industry through international collaboration.

Who We Are

The SAW Project is administered by a Board of Directors and guided by an Advisory Board, whose collective experiences in community corrections have exposed them to best practices on an international scale.

Support Us

Your support will help us achieve our goal of building a repository of data and best practice details that can improve lives worldwide.

2-Minute Insights

A Message from Executive Director Julie Truschel

While attending the 2nd World Congress on Community Corrections in 2015, I worked with the American Probation and Parole Association to conduct a series of interviews with administrators from around the world regarding local supervision practices. By continuing these interviews and developing a data repository platform that features current supervision programs and models, the SAW Project offers a global hub where industry professionals can learn, connect and share insights. In this video, you’ll hear about my vision for the project and the progress we are making together.

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