David Byrne as Role Model

David Byrne has become my role model.  Why?  Because along with creating the coolest music and musical performance EVER (in my humble opinion), he has created an amazing website for sharing ideas to improve our world called Reasons to Be Cheerful. His tagline?  “Because the world is full of better ways.” 

In his own words: “I thought to myself, “If somebody else figures something out, if it has been tested, proven and shown that it works, we’re stupid if we don’t copy it”.  Before inventing the wheel, first see if someone else has already done it.”                                          

Two great example programs offered on his website are:

In this Connecticut Prison, the Guards Double as Mentors

Strangers Are Welcoming People Released from Prison into Their Homes

At the SAW Project, we’re working to do the same; share global information about effective practices.  In our case, we promote successful community supervision opportunities around the world with the goal to reduce recidivism and support behavioral change. Because why recreate the wheel?